Rules Projects

Our consultants have implemented several BRMS and BPM solutions across industries. Examples of some of the projects are:

Banking and Financial Services

  • Auto Loan Risk Calculation System
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection System
  • Mortgage Applications Processing
  • Account Set up System


  • Payroll Accounting System
  • Unemployment Claims Processing System


  • Automated Underwriting System
  • Claims Processing
  • Claims Fraud Detection
  • Premium Adjustments using Predictive Analytics

Materials Management

  • Dispatch and Fee Calculation System
  • On line Vehicle Auction System


  • Device Components Change Management System
  • Device Alerts Management System

About Rulesmatix

Rulesmatix was founded in 2007 to provide decision and business process management consulting. Rulesmatix provides consulting on Sparkling Logic SMARTS ®, FICO Blaze Advisor ®, JBOSS Rules ® and IBM ODM ®. Rulesmatix has implemented decision and business process management solutions for clients in Health Care, Insurance, Finance, Government and Manufacturing industries. Rulesmatix has developed a lightweight fully functional workflow management framework for managing long and short running processes. Rulesmatix also offers testing framework to test web and decision services. For more information send an email to [email protected] or call (484) 686 6000.