Business Rules Management Framework

Business Rules Management Framework

Rulesmatix offers a lightweight, Business Rules Management Framework. This Web based framework is suitable for managing target rules engine agnostic business rules. Main features of this framework are:

  • XML based configuration
  • If..Then Rules
  • Decision Tables
  • Generate target rules engine code for execution

Key Features

  • Multiple Rules Projects in the same Repository
  • Centralized Domain Values
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • If…Then Rules
  • Decision Tables

Rulesets and Decision Tables

  • Generic Rulesets and Rules Layout
  • Generic Decision Tables
  • Drop Downs for Domain Values

Business Rules Management

  • Rules Version History
  • Integration with External Authentication Services
  • Publish Rules in HTML/PDF Format

Benefits to Developers

  • Easy to Edit and Maintain XML Based Rules Repository
  • Simple API for Rules Services and Rules Management
  • Easy Integration with External Authentication Services
  • Multiple Rules Projects in the save development environment
  • Lightweight Java code

Benefits for Business Users

  • Easy to Use Web Based Rules Management
  • Consistent Layout for all Rulesets and Decision Tables
  • Rules Version History
  • Publish Rules Reports in HTML/PDF format
  • Easy Integration with the Rules Testing Framework